Professional Pilots

Brush up on your skills with the affordable and pilot-led ProFlite flight simulator

Professional Pilots

Brush up on your skills with the affordable and pilot-led ProFlite flight simulator

How can ProFlite help me?

The ProFlite Airbus A320 fixed-base flight simulator can help pilots to:

  • Practise normal and non-normal procedures in a safe environment
  • Enhance technical and non-technical knowledge and skills
  • Train at your convenience, at any airport, in any weather
  • Build confidence by refreshing and practising scenarios
  • Prepare for company simulator checks and airline simulator assessments

Pilot refresher sessions

We recognise that the pandemic has had a profound effect on the aviation industry leaving many pilots feeling disconnected and struggling to maintain their currency. Unlike many professions, flying is a skill that needs to be practised regularly in order to stay sharp.

The pandemic has resulted in many pilots spending prolonged periods away from the flight deck which can lead to a perceived lack of connection and a potential degradation of skills. To help address this, ProFlite offers simulator support sessions tailored to your specific needs to help keep your skills honed and leave you feeling connected with your profession.

A ProFlite refresher session can offer you:

  • The chance to practise a range of normal and abnormal operations to help get you back up to speed
  • A custom session to rehearse whatever aspect of operation you wish, just let us know in advance
  • Assistance and insights from a seasoned pilot with over 30 years’ experience
  • A relaxed but professional environment to run scenarios without feeling you are under test conditions
  • The option for crew bookings at no extra cost

Pilot interview prep

Preparation is everything, particularly when that airline interview sim check is looming. At ProFlite, our Simulator Preparation Sessions are designed to put you through your paces to get maximum benefit so that you are in the best possible position to secure that all-important airline job.

Our aim in each session is to give the you maximum support and assistance to achieve this goal and build your confidence. Working with you in a relaxed but professional atmosphere, you will be guided through your session by an experienced A320 pilot with many years in aviation.

Too much preparation is never too much! ProFlite will help give you the best chance of landing that airline position. We work with you to give the best chance of success