About us

Flight simulation born from over 30 years of aviation expertise

About us

Flight simulation born from over 30 years of aviation expertise

The Simulator

Why choose the ProFlite A320 flight simulator?

ProFlite A320 flight simulator

Our A320 flight simulator is fixed-base, with a widescreen visual system that accurately replicates the cockpit of the real Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is one of the world’s most popular commercial aircraft, used extensively by British Airways, EasyJet, American Airlines, Lufthansa, China Eastern Airlines and many more

The ProFlite simulator uses state of the art technology, managed by a professional pilot of over 30 years who is ready to guide you through your session

We make sure your flying experience is tailored to your needs, from amateur to professional-level flyers. Book a session length of your choosing at a time most convenient to you

Your Captain

The ProFlite simulator facility was founded by Rick Cordes, a professional pilot of over 30 years with a passion for flying and a wish to pass on his knowledge to others whether fellow professionals or enthusiasts.

The project was embarked upon with the aim of assisting pilots to remain current during and beyond the pandemic, as well as to embrace enthusiasts and those wishing to embark on a flying career.

Rick started his flying career in the 1980s and has flown numerous aircraft, including Boeings for British Airways, corporate and private Jets for companies and individuals and the Airbus A318, 320 and 321 for a UK charter airline.

“I’ve had the privilege of flying to most places around the globe, having operated extensively in Europe and North America as well as in Africa, Asia, Far East, Russia and China – pretty much everywhere!

I have instructed previously for a respected UK training facility and have always enjoyed sharing knowledge and passing on experience gained from years of world-wide flying.”

Rick Cordes ProFlite UK